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Keto Blondies with Butterscotch

Keto Blondies With Butterscotch Caramel

  • Author: Charisse Thiel
  • Total Time: 34 minutes


These Keto blondies with butterscotch caramel and chocolate chunks are sure to satisfy a sweet tooth.  The secret to the outstanding flavor is browned butter, brown erythritol, egg yolks, and cacoa butter!   They’re low-carb, gluten free, and sugar-free so you can indulge with NO REGRETS 🙂




30 Grams of Cacoa Butter food-grade  (equivalent of about half the size of a chocolate bar)

6 Tbsps Butter 

1/4 Cup  + 2 Tbsps of Erythritol (brown)* see note 1 for subs

1/2 Cup Erythritol (powdered) + 1 Tbsp More

6 Egg Yolks (at room temp)* see note 2

1 Tsp Vanilla Extract

2/3 Cup  Almond Flour (blanched and fine ground)

1/2 Tsp Baking Powder 

1/4 Tsp Salt 

1/2  Of A Lily’s Chocolate Bar (chopped into chunks), divided


4 Tbsps Butter

1/2 Tbsp Molasses

1/2 Cup of Allulose Or Xylitol (see note 3)

1/2 Cup of Heavy Cream

1/4 Tsp of Salt

1 Tsp Vanilla Extract


To Make The Blondies:

  1. Preheat Oven to 350° F.  Line an 8×8 or similar size baking pan or casserole dish with parchment paper (crease in a square shape around bottom edges, then fold in the sides to make box like shape to cover whole pan) or spray pan with oil (avacado oil spray works great here) or grease with ghee. 
  2. In a small saucepan on medium heat, melt and brown the butter.  To brown butter, melt it then let the pan sit on heat for around 3-4 minutes (watch carefully so it doesn’t BURN).   The butter will first melt, then sizzle and foam.  You can gently swirl it ever so often so that you can see the bottom well.  Once you see very tiny golden colored flecks in the bottom, then take it off the heat & add in your cacoa butter to melt into it and your vanilla extract.  Set aside and let cool slightly.  
  3. Combine room temp egg yolks , powdered erythritol, and brown erythritol In a Stand Mixer with a paddle, a hand mixer, or  just with a whisk bowl.    Cream/beat together until smooth and silky. 
  4. Add melted and slightly cooled butter/cacoa butter mixture to your mixer or bowl  and beat on low until smooth. Add Baking Powder and Salt and mix again for 15-30 seconds. 
  5. Add the  Almond Flour and beat on very low speed or stir in manually with a spatula. Add about half the chocolate chunks and gently mix.   This will be very thick, and should look kind of like a very thick cookie dough! 
  6. Transfer to your parchment lined baking pan (use a spoon, spatula or your fingers!).   Press the batter (‘dough’) down into the pan until fully covered.   Add the other half of the Chocolate Chunks on top and gently press down. 
  7. Bake at 350° F for 24-27 minutes, or until edges are set and the center still looks jiggly.  It’s VERY important to NOT OVERBAKE this recipe – you only want the edges to look a little firm- not the middle. Because erythritol and cacoa butter remain GOOEY UNTIL IT’S COOLED, you will think these are VERY underdone.  Resist temptation to continue cooking, because the middle will dry out and harden as these continue to cool- I promise!!! Baking them longer, doesn’t really do anything- they just have to get to room temp to harden.
  8. Let the Blondies cool for at least 1-2 hours before cutting into.  You will know when they’re ready to be cut into when the middle is no longer jiggly and firm to the touch.   These are very good next day  if you let them cool overnight:)  
  9. When your Keto Blondies are almost cooled and ready to eat- make the butterscotch. 

To Make The Butterscotch Caramel: 

  1.  Melt the butter in a sauce pan over medium heat.   
  2. Once butter is completely melted, add the allulose (or xylitol), molasses, and salt and whisk. Whisk continuously, turning heat down slightly and cook for 1 minute.    
  3. Add heavy cream, while whisking vigorously and continuously.  The mixture will bubble up like crazy, so you want to keep whisking!    Whisk and cook for 2-3 minutes, until it is the texture of a very gooey caramel consistency.    It will thicken and solidify further as it cools, so it should look a little less gooey than your desired sauce consistency.    Remove from heat & mix in vanilla extract and let cool for 10 minutes. 
  4. Drizzle butterscotch caramel over your Keto Blondies just before eating! 
  5. Store leftover butterscotch in the refrigerator.    

When serving these blondie bars next day or after long periods of being cooled, then , you might want to gently warm  (10 seconds or less)each square  in the microwave before eating to get rid of the ‘cooling’ effect that  erythritol sugar can have. 🙂 They are AMAZING warmed for 10 seconds with a bowl of sugar-free keto ice cream!!!!! 


Net Carbs =  1.55 Grams Per Serving (1/9th of the recipe) for just blondies*

* sugar alcohols are not included in nutritional info, because the sweeteners used are 0 NET CARBS with no affect on blood sugar levels or effective calories.

*1.) If you don’t have Erythritol (brown) on hand, you can make your own brown ‘sugar’ by mixing 1 TBSP of molasses per 1 Cup Of Erythritol (granular) regular white ‘sugar’.  Like MAGIC- it makes brown sugar! 🙂

*2.) If your eggs are NOT at room temperature, then a shortcut to warm them up to around room temp is to submerge your eggs in a bowl of warm (not hot) water for 2-3 minutes before using!

*3.) Yes, Allulose or Xylitol are HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended here.     Allulose and Xylitol (careful if you have pets though with xylitol) are the ONLY two sweeteners that work in sugar-free caramels, because they don’t crystallize when cooled.   You can certainly make this with erithryitol  if you don’t have these, but the sauce will only be good when warm, and you will still see a little crystallization- but the taste will be similar!  I prefer allulose, because I have dogs who try to eat everything I do , and xylitol can be toxic if eaten by dogs or cats. 

  • Prep Time: 10
  • Cook Time: 24
  • Category: Keto, Sugar-Free Desserts
  • Method: Baked
  • Cuisine: American


  • Serving Size: 1/9 th of Blondies Recipe
  • Calories: 238.4
  • Sugar: 0
  • Fat: 21
  • Carbohydrates: see recipe notes for info
  • Protein: 4

Keywords: keto, blondies, butterscotch